We guide our customers to achieve the software quality they need

Every Customer is unique

We have the knowhow and experience to answer this uniqueness

At ps_testware, we value the uniqueness of our customers and we go out of our way to provide you with the solution that is best for you.
We provide solutions to lift your people, projects or entire process to the next level of testing maturity.


Our staffing services address the need of (test) project managers that need additional -temporary- assistance…


ps_testware provides on-the-job coaching, scheduled, on-site and on-demand courses on a wide range of topics…


ps_testware can provide skilled test consultants to undertake a variety of specialized testing tasks…

Your career with us

Freelance or employee

ps_testware is always on the lookout for fresh talent.
As a consultant you have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of projects in the fields of software quality control, structured software testing or computer system validation.
These areas demand flexibility, technological creativity and a sharp eye for customer goals.

Interested in a career in software quality?