ps_testware is a privately held company, founded in 1994, that provides qualitative Structured Software Testing and Computer System Validation Services for the professional IT market.
We are an independent and flexible company and our services include consulting, coaching, training, outsourcing and staffing.
These services are provided through a team of highly skilled and motivated consultants.

ps_testware operates in the Benelux and the North of France and has offices in Leuven (B) and Lezennes (F). Our company provides solutions related to distinct businesses (financial, automotive, pharmaceutical, telecom, distribution, government, …), technologies (J2EE, .Net, …), specific testing skills (test management, test automation, test development, …) and expert knowledge (Computer System Validation, Application Security, Configuration Management, Embedded Software Testing, …).

We participate in a wide range of projects in the field of “software quality control”, “structured software testing” and “computer system validation”.
We aim to serve our customers with expert knowledge and experience by assessing the customer’s situation and providing solutions tailored to the customer’s organization and needs.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is:

“We guide our customers to achieve the software quality they need”.

What does it mean:

As a guide, ps_testware helps, advises and supports its customers by means of training, consulting, staffing and outsourcing to get the abstract nature of quality visible and known.

ps_testware works in partnership with its customers towards the common goal of software quality.

This is achieved through dedication, responsibility and commitment to the outcome of quality as a standard set of software quality characteristics that the customers need to support their business and bring added value.

ps_testware assists its customers and provides objective information in order that they can make the right decisions.

Our slogan:

Our slogan “your devil’s advocate” exemplifies the way ps_testware goes about software quality improvement: in order to reach sustainable software quality, ps_testware pinpoints defects as an independent partner and uses expert methods in order to reach the best quality possible.

Our vision:

Which roadmap does ps_testware follow?
What is the approach that helps you decide “this is the partner we need”?
Our vision describes how we like to conduct business.
We have defined four pillars upon which we make this vision real:

  • Results
  • Organization
  • Employees
  • Customers

What we do

ps_testware offers methods and techniques to test and validate software applications in a structured and an economically sound way.
We have gained expert knowledge in several domains and have developed an overall concept of testing and validation.
As such ps_testware can be involved in test development & execution as well as in high-level test project management…

All services deliver expert knowledge provided by highly skilled and motivated consultants, more than 20 years of experience and in-house developed methods concerning testing and validation.
Our expertise concerns:

  • Software Testing
  • Computer System Validation
  • Assessments
  • Requirements Management
  • Tools
  • Performance Engineering
  • Application Security

The expert knowledge, expertise and solutions is provided through several services, which you can find at our services section in the form of outsourcing, training, staffing, consulting, coaching etc or by downloading/open the attached company services profile.

Why ps_testware

ps_testware combines expert knowledge with Independency and Flexibility.

  • 100 % independent
    • We do not develop nor implement software; we only validate and test software (you cannot be judge and involved party at the same time!!!) Independence is guaranteed working with ps_testware
    • No conflict of matters
  • More than 20 years of experience
    • We have built a huge knowledge base and we apply Best Practices
  • We have more than 75 professional consultants
    • We can plan in a flexible way and foresee the right kind of skills for your project
  • Geographical: active in Belgium and in France
    • Offices in Belgium (head office in Leuven) and France (Lezennes)

Our Customers

We would like to refer to a list of a growing number of satisfied customers that improved their software quality with the help of ps_testware.

The team of ps_testware wishes to thank all customers for their faith and confidence in its services.
Through their customers, the ps_testware consultants have been able to obtain expert knowledge and experience in Structured Software Testing and Computer System Validation.

Company history

ps_testware was founded by Peter Sterck in 1994.
Peter distributed and provided support for Computer Aided Software Test (CAST) tools.
As he noticed that the market demanded better ways to apply testing, the idea to develop specific methodologies for structured software testing came to mind and ps_testware was a fact.

By 1995 methodological services were put into place that resulted in an approach based on the implementation of the V-model. This software development lifecycle model was embedded in a Test Assignment and a Test Plan, both standard documents of ps_testware that describe the set-up of a structured test project.
ps_testware’s test methodology was born which still closely resembles the methods advocated by ISEB and ISTQB.

Soon new services were introduced such as Test Assessment, Coaching and Test Lab.
Test Assessments allow companies to measure their test maturity and predict the required testing effort (and budget) whereas the Test Lab makes it possible to perform remote testing and configuration tests.

In 1998, a subsidiary company was opened in the Netherlands.
ps_testware was aiming at being a real independent and objective test advisor, both in methods and tools.
Alliances were set up between ps_testware and various partners on the testing market whom even were (and some still are) competitors.

ps_testware started offering Outsourcing, a long term co-operation through a complete package of testing services tailored to the customers needs and at a fixed price.
The services computer system validation and risk assessment were also developed and QMX (Quality Management eXpert) was introduced: a test management tool that links ps_testware services in a comprehensive and efficient way.

In 2002 ps_testware became Accredited Training Provider for ISEB in Belgium and The Netherlands and since then offers a course that leads to the ISEB/ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing.
Other courses were developed that until today have proven their success (Managing the Test Process, Test Requirements Hierarchy Workshop, Test Techniques).

From 2005 onwards, more focus was put on expanding the ps_testware activities in The Netherlands and France which resulted in a steady growth for all ps_testware offices.

In 2009 ps_testware celebrated its 15th Anniversary.
The company has offices in 3 countries and is still in full growth.
CEO Alain Bultink oversees the development of new services (ISTQB Advanced training, Risk-based user requirements management, security testing, performance engineering, Virtual Test Environment).

In 2010 ps_testware became the first company in Belgium and one of the first in the Netherlands accredited to provide the ISTQB Advanced Test Manager course.
Since February 1 ps_testware is accredited by ISTQB to give this course and take exams. In december 2010 ps_testware introduced its ‘Advanced Test Management’ book at EuroSTAR in Kopenhagen.