Our staffing services address the need of (test) project managers that need additional -temporary- assistance for test management, coordination, test design, test data preparation or test execution.

Staff up on short notice

Our staffing service is of particular interest if you need skilled testers straightaway.
Our test consultants have the ability to understand your needs quickly and can be productive from day one.
Most of them have worked on projects with different levels of test maturity and all have the openness of mind and the flexibility to adjust to the testing approach used on your project.

Absorb peaks in your testing workload

Using our staffing services is a cost-effective solution if you need extra hands to get you through those critical phases of your project.
Rather than wasting time and effort to identify and train suitable candidates to help you during peak periods, you can have competent testers exactly when you need them and for the time you need them.

Pay for what you need

Note that we do not only provide consultants for assignments that are executional in nature.
Read about our consulting services if you need help with more advanced tasks such as test strategy definition or test automation.