ps_testware can provide skilled test consultants to undertake a variety of specialized testing tasks, such as:

  • defining a test or validation strategy
  • writing test and validation plans
  • troubleshooting test projects
  • providing on-the-job training or coaching
  • execute risk or test assessments and implementing the advice
  • implementing a test automation framework
  • etc…

Access to expertise

By employing a ps_testware consultant on your project, you leverage years of testing experience.
All our consultants have lived in the trenches of real-word projects for several years to hone their skills and can confer with a professional network of colleagues whenever a broader range of skills or a wider base of experience is required.

Short ramp-up time

Our consultants have the ability to understand and internalize your needs quickly and can be productive within two weeks time.
We are working together with international partners which gives a large potential for flexibility that can be integrated within your corporate culture.

Cost-effective solutions available

Together with the client we will determine the most adequate solution, be it an on-site presence, a near shore or an offshore solution or a combination of the above.
Note that ps_testware will not try to place a consultant if you are merely looking for temporary assistance in designing or executing tests. If you happen to be looking for that kind of assistance, have a look at our staffing services


ps_testware provides on-the-job coaching, scheduled, on-site and on-demand courses on a wide range of topics.
Click Agenda to see when the courses are schedules and to register right away.
In case you have any other questions, please contact us.

All ISTQB trainings will be organized via ps_testware SAS in France.


All courses can be organized at your premises too.
We regularly provide customized trainings, with emphasis and tailored to your specific situation. Courses can be held in Dutch, French or English.
Contact us for references or additional information.


Also check out our consulting service if you are more interested in on-the-job coaching rather than classroom style training.

Foundation Level

3.5 Days Total


Training days:
20, 21 and 24 April

Exam Day:
Remote or center of choice


Training days:
15, 16 and 19 June

Exam Day:
Remote or center of choice


2 Days Total


Training days:
28 and 29 March

Exam Day:
29 may


Advanced Level

3 Days Total


Training days:
11, 12 and 15 May

Exam Day:
27 april


5 Days Total


Training days:
To be determined

Exam Day:
15 may


*All Prices are VAT and Exam voucher/fee exclusive

*ISTQB Leaflets can only be downloaded after registering, the download link will be sent via e-mail

ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing

This training teaches you the basic techniques, standards and tools for efficient software testing.

Training: 1375€ VAT excl.
Exam: 250€ VAT excl.

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ISTQB Agile Tester Extension

This training highlights the principles of Agile software development and the role of the tester in such an environment, as well as the approach and tools for effective agile testing.

Training: 945€ VAT excl.
Exam: 250€ VAT excl.

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ISTQB Test Automation Engineer

info not yet known

Training: 1745€ VAT excl.
Exam: 250€ VAT excl.

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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Certificate in Software Testing

In this training you will learn how to define test goals and strategies, organize the necessary tasks and lead test teams.

Training: 2500€ VAT excl.
Exam: 275€ VAT excl.

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