Professional, business-based User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Post-release software defects are often considered unavoidable but are very costly. A single defect can compromise the quality of an application, consequently ruining your customer’s experience and putting your company’s reputation at stake.

Your IT team is currently doing a lot of software tests and doing a good job. However, here’s why they alone will not achieve the software quality you need. :

• Tests are done against pre-defined requirements from a developer’s point of view, and thus, the business point of view is underrepresented.
• Testing comes last in the development process and ends up overwhelming, increasing the stress and pressure to deliver on time.
• Communication gaps between the development team and business drivers make testing inefficient.
• Back-and-forth fixes after software launch can be draining and time-consuming for the team.

Relying only on end users, product owners, and analysts to UAT is very costly and inefficient. It should be managed carefully.

• These profiles have an important position in the continuing success of your business and they tend to be over-solicited. They have many important other responsibilities where their added value to the company is much better than in testing repeatedly.
• They don’t have a good understanding of testing technology and they do not really want to acquire this know-how. The defect reporting tends to be inaccurate and hence the repair by IT is more difficult.
• However, it is very important that they are included in the process and well-informed at all times to confirm their confidence in the software product.

That said, how do you solve the puzzle as a company leader?

Here’s the difference we bring in your UAT testing:

  • Professional approach: The improvements that can be realized on this level are the most interesting.  Don’t test too much.  Maintain the coverage of your UAT without increasing the budget.  Build confidence with the right tools and dashboard.
  • We understand your business: Thanks to years of experience, good tools and techniques.
  • Flexibility in testing: Testing can be complicated.  Have the right testers build and execute your UAT.  A diverse testing team without paying them full-time.
  • Software stability: Monitor and make changes to existing applications based on changing needs without affecting end-user experience.
  • All-in service: We hire, coach, and manage the testing team and we implement the right tools.
  • Real-time communication with business drivers and IT: Get to know what’s happening at every development & testing stage from our dashboard.

What this means to the applications you’ll deliver in the future

  • Confidence: know what quality you deliver.
  • Speed: less time for testing and repair needed just before going live.
  • Efficiency for IT: clear communication makes the repair easy.
  • Reliability: seamless end-user experience
  • Budget: don’t spend more on UAT, spend better! 

Next steps…

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