Software testing is context driven. Have your approach fit in seamlessly with a project or operational structure.
This book provides a clear guide.

For testers and test managers who want to enhance their knowledge of test management.

Software computerises many mission critical processes: without software, no operational activity.
In their strivings for operational efficiency and quality and/or to satisfy growing government regulation, the number of companies that test software professionally is growing.

From a contemporary vision

ps_testware consultants Patrick Hendrickx and Chris Van Bael start out from a clear vision: software testing is context driven – the approach must fit within an organisation’s culture and be embedded in its organisational processes.
People look for a framework that provides enough structure to be effective, but at the same time leaves enough flexibility to tailor the process to remain effective.
Advanced Test Management brings together the knowledge, approaches and techniques with which test managers can achieve this balance and integrate software testing in any business environment.
In this book you will find everything you need for your testing projects from day to day.

This book ties in with the knowledge needed to gain the ISTQB Advanced Test Management Certificate in Software Testing.
ps_testware is an accredited ISTQB Foundation and Advanced training provider.

A user-friendly approach

The authors employ “structured writing” to pay a great deal of attention to a well thought out structure – so that the book provides a clearer and more effective manual for a well-oiled testing approach.
That is why you will also find numerous examples, tips and tricks, tables and illustrations in Advanced Test Management.

About the authors

Patrick Hendrickx and Chris Van Bael both have years of experience as certified testing consultants with ps_testware.
Patrick Hendrickx divides his time between test management, training and coaching, and is currently active as Field Manager.
As a test automation and performance test consultant Chris Van Bael has worked with embedded systems, telecommunication systems and large scale web applications.
Both are experienced ISTQB Foundation and Advanced course tutors.

What do professionals say about this book?

Mark Kunst, former manager test & release TELE2:

“The book is a syllabus of high quality, with a properly structured and well thought-out interpretation of the ISTQB Advanced material, making it a valuable addition to the toolbox of a Software Tester in the modern day software development environment.”

Rick Kochuyt, test manager Allianz, chairman KVIV – Software Testing:

“Great book, it covers all you’re thinking of when it’s about Test Management.
It covers all the points you know and need but also all those you had already forgotten and for which it is a nice freshening-up.
Thanks to the several bullet lists and the organisation of the text in tables and with a lot of white space this information is easy to read, and easy to use as a reference. This seems to become one of these default handbooks you can always find on my desk.”

Wouter Smith, test team leader TNT:

“Very nice book.
The layout is pleasant, clear and looks modern.
It reads well and the many examples make the whole subject even more comprehensible.”

Meile Postuma, chairman BNTQB (Belgium and Netherlands Testing Qualification Board):

“Easy to use reference book for the (future) test manager / test coordinator.”

How do I get a copy?

You can order the book via us by sending a mail to or by filling out the contact form.

The book is for free when attending our ISTQB Advanced Test Management training.