By applying our experience in providing Quality Assurance through structured approaches ps_testware is able to offer a best practices and “putting method into practice” approach for security testing and to provide a complete set of effective and efficient services to gain total control over the quality and security of your software and processes.

Expert review

The Expert Review is a time-boxed, scope-driven, and structured approach towards web application security.
The multi-layer approach allows us to:

  • detect design and implementation flaws in an early phase
  • provide an overview of the awareness for web application security
  • assess the effectiveness of configurations and processes

The result of an Expert Review is a report that:

  • obtains the flaws in your applications and processes
  • provides a risk profile
  • contains recommendations based on best practices

Web Application Security testing

ps_testware’s extensive experience in structured testing approaches combined with the knowledge of international and open security standards and approaches allow us to provide a structured approach towards testing the security of web applications during development.
Our knowledge and experience in the various methodologies and frameworks of e.g OWASP will allow us to quickly pick up and make use of internal standards and external regulations and execute the test scenarios in the structured approach of ISTQB.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test will evaluate the complete security of a web application and the system it is installed on.
The process involves an active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerabilities that may result from poor or improper system configuration, known software flaws, or operational weaknesses in processes or technical countermeasures.

Education and Training

ps_testware can help imbed security awareness and coach this knowledge exchange.
Our consultants are up-to-date with current standards, methodologies, and tools and can offer unbiased training programmes related with test management, test analysis, test tools, requirement management, etc. allowing the organisation to acquire higher levels of expertise.