Our outsourcing services are targeted to organizations that do not have the expertise or resources to implement a structured software test process, as well as organizations that prefer to concentrate on their core activities while experts handle their testing projects efficiently, ensuring quality results.

Outsourcing your software testing has several benefits:

Skill and Expertise

Software testing is a specialized task. By outsourcing your testing activities to ps_testware, you can leverage the experience that our testers have gained on other projects.
This expertise allows them to identify potential problems early and to steer around them, using approaches that have already proved their effectiveness.


Having a dedicated test team provides a clear distinction between development and testing activities.
This ensures that proper attention is given to testing and avoids that developers cut down on testing schedules to make up for development time overruns.


An independent test team takes a fresh and unbiased look at your project.
Our consultants have the necessary skills to depict the true state of your project, based on objective measures.
This can be of particular interest if you have outsourced your software development too.

Reduce time

Avoid the learning curve.
Our consultants not only know about structured testing methods and tools, they have already used them.
And with a dedicated team, testing can happen in parallel with other development activities.

Reduce Cost

Avoid the costs of hiring and maintaining a full-time test team.
Outsourcing offers you the flexibility of having a large and qualified test team, only when needed.

We provide outsourcing for projects, parts of projects (such as performance), as well as outsourcing of all testing activities on a long-term basis.
Contact us to discuss your outsourcing needs.